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Cellex-C Sensitive Skin Serum

Cellex-C Sensitive Skin Serum

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A lightweight, oil-free, aqueous solution containing the full complement of Cellex-C Complex signature ingredients. This formulation has been adjusted to 7.5% ascorbic acid and buffered to a 3.3 pH to accommodate highly sensitive skin types.

Primary Benefit:
Regular use will reduce the visible signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin and helps improve the feeling of elasticity and resilience in the skin.

Primary Ingredients:
L-ascorbic acid, tyrosine and zinc.

Skin Types/Conditions:
Those skin types that are too sensitive to use High-Potency Serum.

When To Use:

  • A lightweight liquid containing an adapted concentration of the Patented Complex for individuals with skin too sensitive to use Cellex-C High-Potency Serum.
  • Cellex-C is the only skin care line in the world to be licensed to utilize the Bioderm patent created by Dr. Lorraine Faxon-Meisner.
  • Contains 7.5% L-ascorbic acid the only form of vitamin C that the body can recognize and utilize to promote collagen production.
  • Buffered to a pH of 3.3 to counter skin sensitivity to the high ascorbic acid content.
  • Contains L-tyrosine. Medical literature states, L-tyrosine, when combined with ascorbic acid, helps to promote regeneration of new connective tissue through the stimulation of fibroblasts enabling them to make more collagen.
  • Contains zinc. Research indicates this mineral helps support increased collagen turnover stimulated by ascorbic acid.
  • Contains pine bark extract. These particular bioflavonoids were chosen because they have been shown in laboratory testing to have the ability to bind with collagen fibers as well as help protect them against further attack by free radicals.
  • Oil-free, ideal for all skin types.
  • Bioflavonoids help the cross linking of collagen fibers in a pattern associated with younger looking skin.

  • Can help you look 5 to 10 years younger.
  • Regular use may dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin.
  • Helps increase the elasticity and resilience of the skin to greatly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Treated skin will gradually appear firmer and smoother with improved texture, tone and overall radiance.
  • This formulation is extremely well tolerated and can be used by the majority of people without fear of troublesome skin reactions such as sunlight sensitivity that can occur with other skin smoothing preparations.

    Apply Cellex-C Serum for Sensitive Skin.
    Apply Hydra 5 B-Complex.
    Apply moisturizer if required.

    Cellex-C formulations should be applied once every 24 hours. If redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use. The color of this product may change due to environmental conditions. Within the first few weeks of manufacture, the serum is a clear, colorless liquid. Gradually the serum will turn a pale amber color and then deep red amber. This color change is part of the biochemical-stabilization process and will not affect the efficacy of the product when used as directed. This product may be used up to 3 months past the expiry date indicated on the label.

  • Avoid the eye area. Use Cellex-C Eye Contour Gel or Eye Contour Cream Plus around the eyes. Avoid hairline and eyebrows, as the serum may cause discoloration, particularly on blond or grey hair.
  • When applying Cellex-C Serum for Sensitive Skin to your neck, please be aware that it may leave a clear residue on your collar which could oxidize and turn light brown. This caution applies to your pillowcase as well, so you may wish to use an inexpensive cover at night while using this product. These stains will usually wash out provided the clothes are laundered as soon as possible after wearing.

    Ingredients Include:
    Ascorbic acid*, acetyl tyrosine*, zinc sulphate*, sodium hyaluronate, pine bark extract. *Patented Cellex-C Complex internationally protected by U.S. Patent No. 4,938,969.

    1 oz. glass bottle with applicator.
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