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Duri Cosmetics Rejuvacote 0.61oz (Special Offer!)

"the nail doctor" for your split, cracked and post-acrylic nails
Duri Cosmetics Rejuvacote 0.61oz (Special Offer!)

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Rejuvacote, the nail doctor, will heal and cure your split, cracked and acrylic eaten nails. In a matter of weeks you will enjoy the look and feel of strong, vital, natural nails. It's not a promise, It's a guarantee.

It takes only 2-3 weeks to see dramatic improvement on your nails when you use Rejuvacote. It will force your nails to grow stronger, healthier and longer.

Apply Rejuvacote daily over bare natural nails or over nail polish. It is designed to be used as a base coat and a top coat.

Ethyl Acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, toluenesulfonamide/formaldehyde resin, isopropyl alcohol, n-butyl alcohol, trymethyl penthanyl, dissobutyrate, camphor, hydrolized wheat protein, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolized soy protein, calcium pantothenate.
Fern (May 15, 2011)  
My nails were pathetic, broken, splitting, double layers, They are now beautiful. This product truly works, I have recommened it to all of my friends
laima (June 29, 2010)  
love this product.thanks
Nora (May 20, 2010)  
I started using this product about 4 years ago, and my nails became so much stronger & actually grew to lengths that were too long for me! However, the last bottle I purchased a few weeks ago leaves me VERY disappointed; the polish starts to flake off within a few hours, and my nails are getting brittle. Did they change the ingredients? This is the same result that I had with Sally Hansen "hard as nails" and I could never use that! My nails now look like the old days, and I'm SO UNHAPPY!!!
Pam (May 20, 2010)  
I am a nurse and my hands are constantly in soap and water or antibacterial wash. This is the only product that works for me. My nails look wonderful, strong and healthy. I have started many nurses on this wonder product. Thank You so much.
Denise (April 19, 2010)  
Love this really works !!
Jessica (March 11, 2010)  
I agree with Mary K.. I have used this product for several years with fantastic results. The last bottle I received ( and gave to 2 of my friends) has not been up to par. A coat did not even last through the day and I do not have my hands in water a lot. I have done nothing differently and it flakes off within hours of application. It has done wonders before but this last go. I'm waiting for the sale to finish then I'll think about getting it again. Until then, I'm looking at Nail Tek. It has worked before but not as well as the OLD Rejuvacote. <br><br><b>NOTES FROM STAFF:</b> This problem is solved by proper nail preparation. Avoid using over-the-counter polish removers (especially mild and scented), as they contain oils that will interfear with any nail treatment or polish application. Use professional aceton polish remover and/or nail antiseptic. Applying Rejuvacote on oil-free nails should resolve your problem.
Ellen Phelps (March 1, 2010)  
This stuff is amazing!!! I had fiberglass nails for 16 years - I have been using this for the past 2-1/2 yrs and have recommended it to at least 10 other people who also love it and cannot believe how well it works. Thank you !!!
Marion I. Golemgeske (February 26, 2010)  
This is my second order for Rejuvacote nail polish. My nails have grown and are
healthy. Never had such beautiful nails!
Joanne (February 21, 2010)  
Rejuvacote has become my standby to keep my nails looking great. I don't need to get a professional manicure. This product does the job.
Diane (February 20, 2010)  
I've never had nails until Rejuvacote. No more nail appointments. I gave Rejuvocate to my girls also and they are so excited to have nails for the first time!!!!
Sue (February 19, 2010)  
This is an amazing product. I've tried so many products that I was stunned that this actually worked. Now I give it as gifts! Thanks!
Janie (February 19, 2010)  
My nails are so perfect ...they look fake. I went from having the worst nails to the best! Rejuvacote is the best.
Mary K (February 17, 2010)  
Was an excellent product. My last purchase has been disappointing. Polish doesn't last. Within 12 hours the nail tips begin losing their polish.
Kath (February 15, 2010)  
I wore acrylic nails for 22 years because my natural nails were so soft and flaky. I was reluctant to take the acrylics off because of the damage I was afraid my nails suffered for all those years. My stylist told me about Rejuvacote, and I immediately began using it. Now my friends still think I have acrylic nails because they are long and beautiful. When I went for a manicure, the tech thought they were acrylic as well! I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!!
Kathy (February 15, 2010)  
My nails were destroyed due to having artificial nails for over 20 years. My manicurist was retiring so I decided I would need something to help me grow my own nails.

I could not believe how well this product worked for me, and still does. I have long, strong nails that are my own.

Love this product.
Earline (February 15, 2010)  
This is a great product and it will make your nails strong and long.
Connie (February 15, 2010)  
This is absolutely the best nail product I have ever tried! You can feel your nails getting stronger on the first application. I had the worst nails you can imagine, i.e. chipping, weak, splitting and never nice. Since I have been using Rejuvacote my nails are long, strong, and I am one happy camper! Thanks to rejuvacote.
Doris Agee (February 15, 2010)  
I've been using Rejuvacote for about a year and I love it. It's easy to use and make a teriffic base coat for any Nail Polish.
Kath (February 15, 2010)  
When used properly (sometimes I'm lazy), this product works incredibly well with helping cracked, dry, brittle nails to grow. I love it!
Melanie (February 15, 2010)  
This is the best product I've found on the market for weak nails. It builds so the nail doesn't split without drying them.
Becky (February 15, 2010)  
I had the worst nails every. I couldn't ever grow them past my finger tips. I now constantly have rejuvacote and I have beautiful nails. I love this stuff! It's the only stuff that EVER worked!
Elyse (February 15, 2010)  
This is an excellent product, and the price cannot be beat anywhere! My nails have grown, and nails will grow if used properly. I use it particularly in the winter months.
no name (February 15, 2010)  
This product really works

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