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Go Smile Touch Up Pearlicious Mini - 5pk

Go Smile Touch Up Pearlicious Mini - 5pk


5 Pearlicious multi-purpose smile solution ampoules in an easy to use, miniature packaging to let you touch up and refresh your smile on-the-go. These ampoules will instantly erase stains from coffee, red wine, tea and cigarettes before they set. Touch up your smile whenever you need it, 1 to 3 times a day, ideally just after eating, drinking or smoking. Benefits: Instantly erases everyday stains before they set
Polishes teeth, leaving them shiny and white
Maintains a white smile
Promotes good oral hygiene
Provides the benefits of a refreshing brush
Enlivens your senses with delicious essential oils
Delivers a delicious pear flavor
Directions For Use: Remove the ampoule from the paper protector. Flip it over and reinsert it back into the paper holder, exposing the brush tip. Center the ampoule between thumb and index finger. Squeeze hard until the tube pops. Turn tube upside down and squeeze continually so that gel saturates the applicator brush. In a circular motion, rub gel onto teeth until it foams. There is no need to rinse, just spit the excess saliva out of your mouth and allow product to evaporate off the surface of your teeth.


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