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Kevin.Murphy Born.Again.Masque 33 oz

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Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque is the new mother ship in the Kevin Murphy line. It is a blend of pure botanicals and the latest research in science. It features a combination of some of the highest quality ingredients that are designed to deeply penetrate into the depth of the hair shaft, providing it with nutrition, nourishment and fortifying molecules. It is well documented that hair is made up of approximately 93% protein, 5% moisture and 2% Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).
The Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque is carefully designed to contain this sensitive balance of ingredients to deliver the optimum condition to the hair. With a high concentration of detangling ingredients, Born Again Masque will remove the snarls from even the most porous and tangled hair, making it easy to comb through, thus eliminating further stress onto the hair's surface. Ultra Rich Masque contains a high concentration of Amino Acids. These tiny amino acids seep through the cuticle of the hair and attach themselves onto the damaged hair. The amino acids absorb deep in the cortex of each hair strand. These amino acids have a "positive" charge to them; therefore they become "smart molecules" that target the "negatively" charged damaged hairs, actually attaching themselves onto the hair. These amino acids are "hydrophilic", which means, "moisture loving", so they attract moisture into the center of the hair, adding strength, softness, shine and manageability. This, combined with ingredients like Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Jojoba, Esters, Olive, Soy lecithin, Sunflower Oil, Babasu Oil, Jojoba Oil and an array of super anti oxidant botanicals, add life, quality and wellness for all hair types. The Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque is the perfect delivery system for the Kevin Murphy Boosters and are capable of adding a customized extra burst of protein, moisture, volume or shine to the hair.


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