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Klorane Beautifying Shampoo with Pomegranate Extract 6.7 fl oz

Klorane Beautifying Shampoo with Pomegranate Extract 6.7 fl oz


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Klorane and plants. All Klorane plants are selected for their recognized activity and perfect safety. They are grown and harvested in compliance with very strict norms to guarantee their quality: the "Klorane plant research procedure". Obtained according to the scientific of the pharmaceuticals industry, their extracts are specially designed and dosed in active ingredients, thereby ensuring constant efficacy.

Klorane pomegranate extract. Since ancient Egypt times, the pomegranate has been the fruit of fertility and good luck par excellence. Klorane pomegranate extract is rich in tannins and so highly astringent. This gives it the ability to fix color on keratin, so the color lasts even longer. Made in France
Proven effectiveness These color fixing properties are reinforced by protective, repairing and nourishing active agents. With its gentle cleansing base, Klorane Beautifying shampoo with pomegranate extract repairs the fair fibre and keeps hair color radiant for longer. Hypoallergenic product.* Klorane Laboratories actively support The Klorane Institute, a company foundation for the protection and discerning use of our plant heritage.


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