Loreal Effasol color remover

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Loreal Effasol color remover

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Removes the tint-revealing the underlying base. Eliminated unwanted artificial haircolor Effsol ColorRemover DOES NOT RESTORE HAIR TO NATURAL COLOR. It removes the tint--revealing the underlying lightened base. Permanent haircolor first lightens, then deposits color--Effasol ColorRemover removes the color deposit, but leaves the hair in its lightened state as the natural color is no longer in the hair. Effasol ColorRemover allows you to eliminate unwanted artificial haircolor and recolor on a clean base. Gentle foaming bath washes away permanent haircolor. Leaves hair beautifully conditioned and ready for recoloring.

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Bry (December 8, 2010)  
This took out my black dye to a light golden blonde! much lighter than I've gotten from any other color removers before. It does leave your hair pretty dry though

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