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Trind Natural Nail Repair 0.30oz

Trind Natural Nail Repair 0.30oz

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Trind Nail Repair binds the protein molecules and strengthens the individual nail layers. Most nail hardeners glue the nail layers together, leaving no space for any of the natural nail moisture that is needed to keep the nail supple. As a result the nail becomes extremely hard while losing all its flexibility. and therefore gets brittle and breaks easily! Trind Nail Repair is a nail STRENGTHENER, which strengthens the nail while keeping the natural nail moisture in the nail. The result is a strong but still flexible nail!

Apply daily for 2 weeks directly to the nails, just like nail polish. Before applying, remove former coat with Trind Acetone Free Remover. Already after 2 weeks the result can be experienced. Trind Nail Repair allows you to make your nail grow to your own desired length without breaking them. After 2 weeks, it is sufficient to use 1 coat weekly.


kelly (May 14, 2011)  
i got my trind nail rapaier nail last and i been real wearing my everyday my nail loked real gel french mancure nails
Rebecca (April 11, 2011)  
this is absolutely the best nail care product i have ever used . my nails seem to grow out so much faster and are very strong. i never had long nails before and always with a struugle to keep them from breaking lots of layers of clear but none this good. love this product.
Diana (May 5, 2010)  
I started using nail repair march 21 2010. My nails have never been in better shape.strong,long healthy nails. thank you.I now know your product is not just a gimmick like every thing else i have tried.
Whitney (February 22, 2010)  
This is the BEST nail repair system ever. Mine were splitting for nearly two years. Nothing worked. Even the top manicurists in town couldn't stop it. Finally a friend five states away recommended Trind. It changed everything! It's almost magic.
jan (February 19, 2010)  
This is absolutely by far the best nail product I have ever used! My nails have never been stronger. I have lots of compliments on them, as it looks like I keep up with a french manicure. I have all my friends using it now. It goes on, and is dry instantly. Never had such a great nail polish. Thankyou

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